experience for life

Lighthouse Hills Conservation Experience is an unforgettable, exclusive and immersive 2-week programme.

Parties of up to four people live exclusively only a few minutes walk to New Zealand conservation reserves.
During your stay, you are guided by Penguin Rescue Trust members who care for the endangered yellow-eyed penguins.
You will get to learn what it takes and be invited to spend up to eight hours per week
assisting with bird care and habitat development.
Your lasting and meaningful contribution to the preservation of this species will be a memory for life.

This adventure is offered directly by the Lighthouse Hills Conservation Experience Limited.
It has been designed in collaboration with and for the express benefit of the
Katiki Point Penguin Refuge Charitable Trust
Half of the cost of your stay is contributed directly to Trust for penguin care.


The beaches and conservation reserves of this area are home to the Hoiho (yellow-eyed penguin).
They are also teaming with fur seal, pied shag, oyster catchers, and a host of other species.
Guest conservationists safely and exclusively interact with all wildlife during their visit.
This is a sustainable experience made possible by Penguin Rescue.
With training and guidance, your proximity to these rare birds is to their benefit.

the farmhouse

Guests will enjoy exclusive private access to the Lighthouse Hills Farmhouse.
A lovely, well-appointed three bedroom home that's only a short walk from the penguin conservation reserves.

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Lighthouse Hills Conservation Experience Limited
PO Box 5866, Dunedin, New Zealand 9058